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What are Crowns?

A crown is made to cover a natural tooth or to be placed on top of an implant to create a tooth-like structure. It is custom-made to fit your smile.  


Reasons for Needing a Crown

A crown can be used to address many different problems. Crowns can be used to:


  • Restore a fractured tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down

  • Protect a weakened tooth from breaking

  • Hold a dental bridge in place

  • Cover a dental implant to help create the look and function of the entire tooth structure

  • Cover a discolored tooth

  • Make a cosmetic modification by changing the color, size, or shape of a tooth

  • Replace a large filling if there isn’t enough tooth left

  • Cover a tooth that has had a root canal.



A Crown in one Appointment

At Advanced Dental Solutions, after you have an initial consultation, you can get a single crown in one appointment.  This is because we use cutting edge digital technology and equipment in our office to craft precision-milled porcelain crowns on-site.  The traditional method of delivering a crown involves two appointments. In the first appointment the dentist takes an impression and places a temporary crown, and then you wait one or more weeks to return for a second appointment when you get your permanent crown. Dr. Carl Pogoncheff will take a digital scan of your teeth and then design the crown on advanced computer software, chair-side. He will then mill the tooth in office. It takes about one and a half hours for the entire appointment. You can walk out with a new crown cemented in your mouth after one appointment. This is helpful for patients who find it difficult to take time off of work on multiple days. It is also nice to not worry about whether your temporary crown may fall out in-between appointments.


Learn more about Single Visit Crowns.

Multiple Crowns

Multiple Crowns are delivered in two appointments and will require temporary crowns. Multiple crowns can dramatically improve function and the appearance of your smile.  


Benefits of Crowns

Crowns are custom designed to suit your smile and bite. They are made of durable material, and with good oral hygiene can last for decades. 


Crown Considerations

It can take a few days to get used to your new crowns, but soon enough you will start to feel like you can’t even notice you have them. There may be some temporary side effects, such as sensitivity to cold and hot foods.


Care for Crowns

A crown is a fixed prosthesis and stays in your mouth.  You would clean it as you would your natural teeth with proper daily brushing and flossing. The tooth under your crown can still decay if you do not keep up with your oral hygiene. You still have the same risks of tooth decay and gum disease, so make sure to maintain good oral health and habits. When done well, a crown should fit properly and provide the protection for the natural tooth underneath or chewing surface on an implant. If a crown does not fit properly, bacteria can build up and cause tooth decay over time. So it is important to get the crown done well.


Next Step

If you are interested in crowns, Advanced Dental Solutions can help you; contact us today at 517-367-1200 to schedule an appointment.



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