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Your First Appointment! 


We welcome new patients. You may refer yourself by simply calling Advanced Dental Solutions at 1-517-367-1200 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our consultation fee.


You can also be referred to our office by your general dentist, another dental specialist, your physician, other health professional, or a friend of our office. Please let us know who referred you when you call to set up your consultation.

Your Consultation and Initial Examination:

Your consultation is your first appointment with us. It is an important one. It is when you first become acquainted with us, and we with you.


We schedule each consultation for one hour, so that we have a full hour together if you need it.  We do not want you to feel rushed. We want you to feel comfortable and know that we will take our time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions during your initial exam and consultation.  


During your first appointment:

At your consultation, Dr. Pogoncheff will listen to your chief concerns, answer questions, diagnose your problems, and begin to plan your treatment. 


Dr. Pogoncheff will review your dental and medical history and then exam your mouth. Dr. Pogoncheff will also take x-rays if necessary to see what the eye cannot see and/or if necessary, take impressions for study models to plan your treatment. After Dr. Pogoncheff examines your mouth and x-rays, he will discuss your diagnosis with you. He will also discuss the treatment options and the treatment methods, steps, and final results, with photos and other aids or models, as appropriate. After your consultation, Dr. Pogoncheff will also provide you a written treatment plan and fee schedule. 


Your Written Treatment Plan and Fee Schedule:

Dental treatment is a financial investment and we want you to be fully informed of the costs and payment timeline from the beginning. Dr. Pogoncheff will prepare for you a written treatment plan, with treatment plan options and corresponding fee and payment schedule for your consideration. Another consultation appointment is available to you, at no additional charge, if you have any questions or concerns before you decide on your options.


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