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Have a tooth that needs to be removed and replaced?

We do that.


If you have a tooth that needs to be removed and replaced, the entire process can be taken care of at our office, making it more convenient for patients.

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff is a specialist in replacing teeth. He can examine your tooth, do the extraction (remove the tooth), bone or socket graft if necessary, place the implant (the artificial root) and create and attach the crown (the visible/white part of the tooth). In addition to three years of dental school, he has three years of residency training in Prosthodontics – the science and art of creating prosthetic (fake) teeth. Not only is Dr. Pogoncheff specially trained to replace teeth, he has a practice that is limited to Prosthodontics, and has expert level experience doing this day in and day out for over eight years of practice.


Contact us today at 517-367-1200 to schedule a consultation.  

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