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Replacing a Missing Tooth Improves More Than Just Your Smile 

Missing a tooth/teeth can decrease your overall physical and emotional health; therefore, replacing a tooth can improve your quality of life and health in important ways. 

Missing a tooth/teeth impairs your ability to chew, which can have far-reaching impact on your health. Missing a single back tooth can decrease biting force by 17-33%. People with missing teeth tend to choose foods that are softer and easier to chew such as processed carbohydrates rather than vegetables and protein. This can result in a diet of increased cholesterol, fat and calories and decreased protein, fiber, and vitamins, which are critical to a balanced diet. Adequate amounts of protein are needed for resistance to infection, anemia, and loss of muscle volume. Fiber also has many benefits including preventing absorption of cholesterol and aiding in good digestion. In this way, an imbalanced diet resulting from missing teeth can lead to major health problems including obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol among others. 

Missing a tooth/teeth can also impact your confidence and have negative psychological effects.  Missing teeth may dramatically alter your appearance, including changing your facial structure to look more sunken-in and aged due to resulting bone loss in your jaw, cheeks sinking inward, and increased wrinkles around your mouth. You may become self-conscious or embarrassed about your appearance and become reluctant to smile or talk to others. This can negatively impact your entire life, keeping you from engaging in activities you enjoy or social settings beneficial to your personal life or career.  

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