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Single Visit Crowns

A Crown in One Appointment

We deliver crowns in one visit. After you have an initial consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for a crown, you schedule an appointment to get a final crown in one visit. 


Single Visit vs. Traditional Method


The traditional method of delivering a crown involves two appointments. In the first appointment the dentist takes an impression using a putty like material and makes you a temporary crown during the appointment. Then you would need to wait one or more weeks to return for a second appointment when you get your final crown.


At Advanced Dental Solutions, Dr. Carl Pogoncheff will take a digital scan of your teeth and then designs the crown on advanced computer software, chair-side. He will then mill the tooth in office. It takes about one and a half hours or less for the entire appointment. You can walk out with a new crown cemented in your mouth after one appointment. No need to have a temporary crown, or come back weeks later for a second appointment, or take off more time from work. 

Advantages of Single Visit Crown

-Saves you time.

-You don't have to take time off of work on multiple days.

-You won't have to worry about whether your temporary crown may fall out in-between appointments.

- No second visit or second shot


Our office uses cutting edge CAD/CAM digital technology and equipment in our office to craft precision-milled porcelain crowns on-site. 

Next Step

If you are interested in crowns, Advanced Dental Solutions can help you; contact us today at 517-367-1200 to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about crowns. 



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